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Effective January 1, 2008, all competitors are required to be a SCCA member (includes Individual, Spouse, Family, First Gear, Lifetime and Military) or a Weekend Member.

SCCA Membership Benefits

In addition to discounted solo entry fees, SCCA members enjoy many benefits, including:

  • A one-year Magazine subscription to SportsCar® – Magazine, the official publication of the Sports Car Club of America.
  • Discounts from many retailers, including automotive products, consumer products/gifts, food, personal services, publications, and travel. The full list of participating retailers can be found at:
  • Insurance, All SCCA members are protected with the best event related insurance program in motorsports at no additional cost. Properly registered SCCA members who are accidentally injured while participating at SCCA events are covered for up to One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) in medical expenses.

Weekend Membership Program

Solo participants who are weekend members pay an additional $10 for each event on top of the regular member entry fee. This provides SCCA weekend membership for five consecutive days.

The additional $10.00 fee insures you for up to One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) for medical expenses in the event of an accidental injury (just like regular members), and you will receive one issue of SportsCar® Magazine.

Use weekend membership to save on annual membership …. If you decide to join the SCCA as a regular member and do so within sixty days of participation as a “Weekend Member,” the application form becomes a $15 discount coupon that can be applied to your annual SCCA membership. If you participate as a Weekend Member twice within a sixty day period, you can combine two $15 discount coupons and apply the $30 discount to your annual SCCA membership dues.

Membership plans

SCCA offers a variety of membership plans to suit your needs:

  • First Gear Membership. 
    If you are under the age of twenty-five, you are eligible to become a “First Gear Member.” Individuals meeting the age requirement are granted a discounted SCCA membership fee of $45.00, plus $15.00 for Western Michigan Region dues.

  • Individual Membership. 
    The cost of an individual membership is $60 for SCCA National dues, plus $15 for Western Michigan Region dues. 
  • Family Membership.
    For a husband, wife, and all children under age 21. All family members have the same benefits as Individual Membership, but pay the discounted rate of $95, plus $20 for Western Michigan Region dues.

  • Military Discount.
    If you are currently full time active duty military personnel, you are eligible for SCCA’s military discount. The membership includes the same privileges as individual membership, but at the discounted rate of $25 (after $35 rebate). In order to qualify, you must include a statement from your unit commander or a copy of your military ID card each year. You may mail, fax, or email a copy of your active duty orders or military identification card to: 
    Military Rebate 
    SCCA Inc. 
    P.O. Box 19400 
    Topeka, KS 66619-0400 
    Fax: (785) 232-7213 

Referral Incentive

Already a member? Know some one who isn’t?
The SCCA’s Membership Referral Program is an incentive for current SCCA members to refer new members. The existing member who referred the new member will receive a $5 discount toward their dues for the next year; the new member will receive a $15 discount on their first year’s dues.